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CO2 Laser Lens Orientation - CORRECT WAY - OMTECH Laser

When replacing the lens after cleaning, user needs to make sure the lens is put back in correctly. CO2 Laser Lenses have a flat side, and a convex (rounded) side. The lens can easily be installed incorrectly. Here is an easy way I use to put the lens in correctly each time. When replacing the lens, make sure the convex (rounded) side is up, and the flat side is down.

How To Make Leather Patch Hats - Co2 Laser

Easy to follow instructions on how to make a Leather Patch Hat using a Co2 laser. Please remember, settings found in the video are what works for me in my shop. The laser used in the video is a 60w OMTech Co2 Laser. Settings for your equipment and process may vary. 

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